Diploma of Screen & Media: Digital & Social


In late 2020, I enrolled in a Diploma of Screen & Media: Digital & Social at the Northbridge North Metropolitan TAFE. The classes was scheduled to begin from the 1st of February, 2021. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation in Perth, Western Australia and a sudden 5-day lockdown it was postponed until the 8th of February.

For that first week we had to wear a face mask, during that first week I got to know my fellow students by only seeing their eyes. Fortunately after that it was no longer required. In Australia, and particularly Perth at this time the practise of wearing face masks is a very unfamiliar thing to most people. It made me sympathise with my friends in Japan who must wear a mask all of the time.

I’ll now write about the classes that I am taking now below, I’ll endeavour to post weekly updates about how the classes are going:

1st Class – Maintain & apply creative arts industry knowledge, plan social media engagement.
2nd Class – Manage media assets & also video editing using Da Vinci Resolve.

1st Class – Produce programs & program segments. Shooting a wide range of screen content. Which is essentially using professional Panasonic video cameras, lighting, studio etc.
2nd Class – Establish & maintain safe creative practice.

1st Class – Work with photo media in creative practice. Essentially photography using Canon 750D DSLR’s & lightroom, as well as various other software.
2nd Class – Read & comprehend to acquire new knowledge.

1st Class – Conduct interviews, edit texts, write narration & material for current affairs, features & documentaries.
2nd Class – Design Studio Module: Record sound on location.
3rd Class – Originate & Develop concepts.